The Incredible, The Good, and the Difficult

Stretching. Growing. Learning. Packing. Unpacking. Giving. Receiving. Seeking. Finding. Meeting. Leaving. Creating. Loving. TRUSTING. WOW!

More than filmmakers or entrepreneurs or philanthropists the Northern Flicker project has made us feel like explorers or pioneers. Not pioneers of a craft, or social innovation, but of the mind, the heart, and of human connection. Over the last couple of months we have felt our experience shift from one of sowing to one of reaping. In conversation with new friends, our language has changed from just sharing our intentions and hopes to sharing the "good, the bad and the ugly" or maybe the "incredible, the good, and the difficult" would be a more apt phrase.

"While I started this adventure off with yoga, the real stretching has come since. Mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually I feel I have been challenged in every way. The result has been learning more deeply where and when I can open more, and where and when I must let go."



"It has felt as though I bent over a drinking fountain to quench my thirst for fresh experience and learning and in a dreamy turn of events have found myself instead with a firehose in my hand trying wildly just to keep the damn thing steady while it blasts every expectation, aversion, comfortable pattern (positive and negative), identification, and pride to oblivion. Now, as the torrent seems to slowly be letting up, I am finding myself stuffed within an inch of bursting and floating all that I wasn’t big enough to hold."


We feel more energized, more exhausted, more passionate, more defeated, more at peace, and more discontent than ever. Above all of these though, we feel deeply proud. In case you missed any of them, check out a few of the videos we have had time to finish so far: 

Experience Breakdown 1.0

We hope you are feeling as inspired as we are by what work we have been able to finish so far! Transparency is important to us, so we want to share where we are at in our journey and our plans for finishing our post production on all that we have filmed. We are now ten months into experimenting with this less than traditional project model. As they say, hindsight is 20/20 and we have gained some perspective as to what worked well and what challenges there are to making our ambitious intentions sustainable. 

The Incredible and good:

  • Collaborating with inspired and inspiring people has really filled us up. We feel so honored to join together with each and every one of our supporters and partners in making our world a more peaceful, healthy, happy place to live. 
  • We have been able to donate tens of thousands of dollars in time and skills to our partners. Which means we get to share their stories with the world while saving them significant amounts of money. Win-win! 
  • We are humbled by the generosity of each and every one of our partners and how they stepped up to help us make this work a reality. We have grown deep friendships through living with some truly beautiful people. We have eaten well, and seen some of the most beautiful places and cultures our world has to offer. If current events have you down, know the spirit of welcome is alive and well in this world. 
  • We could never have afforded to go on this whirlwind around-the-world tour (literally) on our own dime. The partnerships we have made along the way, and support we have received from friends and family who believed in our cause, has offered us a unique chance to have the experience of a lifetime. Thank you!

The Difficult:

  • In an effort to help as many people as we could, we bit off an ambitious amount of work and SERIOUSLY underestimated the time it takes for two people to do this work. We have found that scheduling shoots and working along side organizations in person is very tangible, easy to account for, and easy to secure support for. But we are finding it much more difficult to get support (financial or otherwise) for the post production process (editing the videos). Completing edits has become increasingly unsustainable for us amidst travel and workflow. With inconsistent working spaces in changing venues with slow internet and only laptops to do the heavy lifting of video editing work, it has all proven to be rather challenging. 
  • We had hoped that we would be able to spend time editing our previous project while filming for another partner and each project would help support the last. Current partners would supply and food and lodging while we film for them and edit the previous project, but we have just been unable to keep up with the amount of work we have taken on and now are out of resources and breaking into our savings in order stay afloat between projects. This has us re-evalating our model and how sustainable it is for us overall. 

The Skinny:

  • Although we are inspired, proud, and filled with love, we are also finding ourselves tired, broke, and way behind. We firstly want to apologize to many of our partners for the delays finishing the work that we have started. We know that each of our partners have invested their own resources, time and money into helping us create these video pieces and we are committed to seeing each through to a beautiful finished product done to our own (and I’m sure each of your) high standards and expectations.
  • We have invested in a killer editing bay back at our home in Wenatchee. A fast computer, big screen, lots of fast hard drives, and comfortable space. It's complete with the sweetest mom in all the land supporting us with a roof over our heads, pillows under them and bright spirit to cheer us along. We hope this will give us that extra boost we need to finish remaining pieces with greater speed, comfort, and mental well-being. 
  • We are going to do our best in the coming 2 weeks as we will be filming in Japan and have some support there, but we are currently in survival mode and have found it difficult to make significant progress on editing as we have had to spend much of our own money to stay afloat while on the road. We won’t be able to really hit the ground running on editing until mid December when we are back home. We hope to have EVERYTHING done by the end of January at the very latest.
  • February will mark 1+ year of Northern Flicker embarking on working within this experimental economic model. That was the goal we set for ourselves and we are elated to see that we are on our way to accomplishing it! 

Thank you for caring about our journey and being open to hear where we are at. We have been holding the weight of our own expectations and commitments in tension with what has felt healthy for us, and it has been stressing us out! Communicating honestly where we are at, is a relief and gives us renewed energy to move forward. 

You may have noticed, it has been some time since we’ve written you! This was never our intention, but it just fell in priority as our journey picked up velocity. Hopefully as we are able to catch up more, we’ll be able to catch you up in more detail on all the fabulous partners we’ve made and experiences we’ve embarked upon. Until then, hopefully some of the above videos can speak for themselves. 

With love and thanks, 

Nathan and Ada