The Flicker has flown the coop!

First off, THANK YOU! We can't begin to express how grateful we are for our communities near and far who have graced us with love, well wishes and outrageously generous donations. We just finished the last piece of our fundraising campaign and the grand total brings us to over 84% of our goal! With the help of a little loan from the "mom bank" we were able to purchase all the gear we needed to begin our work.

Since leaving Wenatchee, we've snacked in airpots, stopped over for a week to play and say goodbyes in LA, met with friends in Costa Rica, and haven't missed a Playa Guiones sunset yet.

In a (coco)nutshell the last couple weeks have gone something like this... plane, sun, plane, WAY more sun. Ever since we left the Northwest we've been buffeted, beaten and baffled by the strength of those life giving rays from the center of our solar system. We've managed to painfully make our way from pasty-white to shades of slightly-tanner-but-mostly-red. With more work to do on the tanning front we've begun some work for Northern Flicker. While Ada has headed into the jungle for a yoga teacher training of her own at Pachamama (unrelated to Northern Flicker, but still amazing), Nathan is filming iLa Yoga's yearly yoga retreat. iLa has been an incredible place of growth and learning for Nathan over the last few years in Wenatchee and we are so excited to give back a little to this amazing studio that brings peace and health to the Wenatchee community every day. It has been an amazing week of yoga and community and sunshine. We will be capturing the final bits of footage today and tomorrow and will keep you posted when the editing is done. 

More updates to come, but that is all for now! Thank you again and again for helping to send us off on this incredible journey! We can't wait to share with you the stories of organizations bringing light to the world. Much love from Costa Rica!