We are making a documentary

The pursuit of peace is one that we all share. Whether it be cultivating self acceptance, seeking reconciliation in friendships, fostering healing in families, understanding across communities, or hope in global conflict. 

Every day people all over the world are tapping into an internal well of peace and sharing it in unique and brilliant ways. From inside to out, from peace to peace, these leaders and pioneers push humanity toward deeper harmony, fuller love, and richer connection with our fellow humans and the natural world around us.

We will be working across the globe with change makers in fields spanning from personal exploration to large scale conflict resolution and global peace work. This creates a perfect opportunity to learn from and capture the stories of those on the forefront of of this pursuit of peace. We will be seeking out stories of leaders who are bringing peace to the world around them in hopes of inspiring each of us on our own pursuits from inside to out.

We will share more as the story evolves and as we begin capturing footage. Sign up for our newsletter and watch the blog to stay updated on the progress of this documentary and the other work we are doing.