We offer full concept-to-completion video production. With over 7 years of industry experience in writing, cinematography, animation and motion graphics, we can offer a wide array of styles and approaches from docu-style to scripted pieces to explainer videos. 


We specialize in modular campaign approaches to telling stories. Often times our clients have amazing stories that are too complex to effectively fit into a single video. So we work to craft a series of videos that break content up into more bite sized pieces. This gives us the opportunity to tell more holistic and well rounded stories while leading viewers from a surface-level sharable video down into the finer intricacies of the work and impact.


MSLS is a Sweden based masters program and as the name suggests, they have the ambitious goal of fostering leaders toward a more sustainable future. This campaign is broken into 4 parts, a quick overview of the MSLS experience, a dive into the day to day life of a student, an in depth look at the academic program and a series of simple alumni stories. Together these videos create a truly holistic view of this incredible program.