The Incredible, The Good, and the Difficult

By Nathan Getzin The Incredible, The Good, and the Difficult STRETCHING. GROWING. LEARNING. PACKING. UNPACKING. GIVING. RECEIVING. SEEKING. FINDING. MEETING. LEAVING. CREATING. LOVING. TRUSTING. WOW! More than filmmakers or entrepreneurs or philanthropists the Northern Flicker project has made us feel like explorers or pioneers. Not pioneers of a craft, or social innovation, but of the […]

The Flicker Has Flown the Coop!

By Nathan Getzin The Flicker Has Flown the Coop! First off, THANK YOU! We can’t begin to express how grateful we are for our communities near and far who have graced us with love, well wishes and outrageously generous donations. We just finished the last piece of our fundraising campaign and the grand total brings […]

Euro Trip

By Nathan Getzin Euro Trip We are abroad! Our first trip outside of the country together. We are getting to test out our navigation skills, work out our walking muscles and remember how to use real paper maps again. Not having access to internet on our phones at any given moment is a pretty novel […]

Northern Flicker Launch

By Nathan Getzin Northern Flicker Launch! IT’S LIVE! We have officially launched the Northern Flicker project! Cruise around the website and let us know what you think! Chances are if you are here reading this you are a close friend or acquaintance and we’d love to hear from you.┬áHave we been clear enough with our […]