How We Work

Human Stories.

At Northern Flicker we want to help reveal your brilliance, advance your vision, and compel people to your cause. We like to think of the people and organizations we work with not as clients but as partners. Instead of just offering isolated services, we want to really dive in and learn what it is that you do, what makes you tick and how our skills and talents can meet yours in a magical and powerful way. 

Human Stories

We believe that the stories that change people’s lives aren’t stories of products or services or tactics or milestones. The stories that really inspire change and create support are real stories about humans giving it their best go at life; those are the stories we are interested in capturing. Regardless of the work you do, if there are humans involved, and humans to rally behind your cause, we KNOW we can find beautiful, compelling, and life-changing human stories to tell. 


We started Northern Flicker with a desire to help change makers and their organizations tell their amazing stories at a cost that they could afford. With the generosity of donations from our friends and families, we set off to travel around the world to give a little bit back to those organizations that are giving our world so much. While we can no longer afford to work in this pro-bono format, this spirit of accessible services for projects we believe in is still at our core. We believe that with honest conversations and creative problem solving, we can partner with change makers at prices that fit their means while still meeting our own needs for running a sustainable business. 

All that to say, we work on a sliding scale. So, if you are inspired by the work we do, and are interested in working with us, lets have a conversation.