Ada Ketchie


Ada is our core connector, communicator, and lead process designer. She has led training efforts in the USA and around the world—in Northern Ireland, Kenya, Guatemala, and Ghana—in areas as diverse as conflict mediation, peace building, civic leadership and engagement, education, youth empowerment and sustainable development. She consistently brings a talent for listening and creating shared understanding to her work as a facilitator.

A passion for culture, creativity, and social, political and environmental issues led Ada to earn a BA in International Relations from Gonzaga University, and a Masters in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden. Over time she has honed specialties in numerous facilitation, innovation, and strategic planning techniques. This includes methods like The Art of Hosting & Participatory Leadership, Design Thinking, and the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development among others. Her work with consultancy Be Clearly further augmented her experience in developing clarity and engaging people power in every plan, process or project. Ada is proud to be involved with New Stories, an organization of practitioners nurturing the emergence of new stories for humanity, exploring what we can become together and how to navigate the process of change. Ada’s broad background is uniquely suited to adapt to the roles and responsibilities of Lead Connector with Northern Flicker.

Fun facts about Ada, as written by Nathan.

  • Ada was Valedictorian in high school, recently had her masters thesis published and, ever the student, will plow through an article exploring cultural influences on gender roles while catching up on the latest in international news on the radio.
  • She has a knack for making instant friends. It often seems even a glance across a room is enough to spark a connection that feels as natural as a friendship of years.
  • She has a thirst for culture near and far, has lived in 6 countries since college and visited dozens more.
  • Whether it’s listening to a friend share their deepest fears or saving an empty hummus container from the trash, Ada finds value and seeks the best in everything and everyone.
  • Ada has the voice of an angel and exudes creativity, whether she’s humming a spontaneous tune or belting out an original on a stage. 
  • Though production is still on a micro scale and not yet for sale in your local supermarket, the “Ketchie’s Ketchup” recipe is the finest I have ever tasted and will surely, one day, be a common household name.
  • Ada must have been a dancer in another life, though untrained, she has an intuition and fearless expression that speaks of lifetimes of practice.