Nathan Getzin

Production Lead

Nathan Getzin is our digital arts renaissance man. After studying Web Design he started his professional career building interactive media websites and mastering the ins and outs of the Adobe Creative Suite. He honed his graphic design skills creating logos and designing and building websites. 

This love of visual expression broadened when he picked up a vintage film camera with a broken light meter and learned the art of capturing life the old fashioned way. 

The eventual purchase of a digital camera lead him into videography where he cut his teeth creating films for a non-profit and collaborating with emerging artists. The resulting portfolio earned him the role of Director of Photography with North Central Washington’s premier production company North 40. Deemed North 40’s “quintessential utility player” Nathan films, animates, edits, writes, and even occasionally acts in pieces ranging from commercial ads, documentaries, narrative shorts, and action sports ads. Add this all together and Nathan is more than qualified to be Northern Flicker’s Lead Creative. 

Fun facts about Nathan as written by Ada

  • He’s the oldest of five kids, making him both patient and resilient amidst the chaotic and unexpected moments of life, and ensuring he rarely takes himself too seriously. 
  • Believing in the strength of his body to take him places and in the power of one person’s actions to make a difference, Nathan’s ditched the dream of car ownership and instead chooses a bike as his only form of transportation.
  • He once biked from Seattle to San Francisco. This was a long way, giving him ample time to consider the meaning of life (which he does often) along with the wonders of energy bars and drafting. 
  • Ever curious and hands-on, Nathan loves any DIY project, be it brewing his own beer or kombucha, assembling a window herb garden, or tuning up his bicycles. 
  • A true extrovert, Nathan is happiest in the company of good friends, cooking food and sipping a craft IPA.
  • Nathan delights and impresses when slack lining, coming up with random facts about the natural world, and flying a new acro-yogi. 
  • Nathan sings like an angel and has a knack for writing when inspiration strikes.