Hi we're Nathan and Ada, the two wings that make up Northern Flicker.

We’re sweethearts. Some say couples can’t cope well working together, but we feel the topnotch teamwork that makes our personal relationship a success only bolsters our professional partnership. We are just enough alike that we share similar passions and values, but just enough different that our personalities and life experience contrast and compliment one another.

We also play music together! Check it out here & here!

With Nathan’s background in film-making, web and graphic design, plus Ada’s experience and connections into the world of peace building, leadership and sustainability, we feel that together we have a valuable assortment of skills to offer.

With years of experience working with organizations around the world, we are uniquely suited for international projects. We are ready to support you wherever you are at or go in the world. Check out some of the international stories we’ve captured here:


Lead Connector

Ada is a tireless peacemaker and communication wizard. It’s tough to shake the feeling you must have been best friends in another life.

Nathan Getzin

Production Lead

Nathan is a creative arts renaissance man and aspiring Guru. He has an ever-searching eye for beauty matched with superb practicality and problem-solving skills.