By Nathan Getzin

Euro Trip

We are abroad! Our first trip outside of the country together. We are getting to test out our navigation skills, work out our walking muscles and remember how to use real paper maps again. Not having access to internet on our phones at any given moment is a pretty novel (and surprisingly empowering) experience. It’s been great to see how we do amidst the stresses of travel, and we are happy to say that even after a sprint through the airport and near miss of a flight we are managing to stay friends and float through the hangry, tired and grumpy moments with ease. 

We are visiting friends for a few days in Copenhagen and Berlin, then finally ending in a little village outside of Krakow for Christmas with Ada’s family. We are so grateful for all of the wonderful positive feedback we have received about the Northern Flicker website and general support for our developing project. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter you can do so here to stay updated. We will be posting more and launching our fundraiser for gear in the coming week, as well as sharing a little more about the concrete details for where we will begin this adventure. 

With love from Copenhagen and Berlin!