By Ada Ketchie

And we're working! ...before we've even left!

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) based in Siem Reap, Cambodia is our first official partner and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

CPCS is a world class organization involved in direct intervention work in various conflict contexts throughout East Asia. Not only that but they are engaged in producing practitioner-focused research and publications in the field of applied conflict transformation, host a yearly Peace Practitioners Research Conference, and have developed a Masters in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS). And that is just scratching the surface!

Definitely this is a group of people doing extremely meaningful work in the world, the type of work Northern Flicker was made to support. 

While we hope this partnership will bring us eventually to Siem Reap to support their upcoming campaign to build Cambodia’s first ever Peace Museum (more on that later hopefully!), we have been able to help with a few odds and ends from home in the meantime.

So how did we start working before we’ve even left? 

Well, CPCS has been keen to update their website for a while now. They were becoming aware that it was beginning to look a little outdated. Imagine a pair of flared jeans from the early 2000’s, hip then, but somewhat less fashionable today. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite sure how to revamp their look. We offered to flex our web design muscles to advise and help implement a fresh look for their website that more accurately reflects the professionalism and expertise CPCS offers. 

While this project is still underway, so far we have designed an updated logo and have started developing a new look for their site with a more modern theme. This will be finished in collaboration with CPCS staff and we will surely show you the final product when it’s ready to reveal. Until then, check out the incredible work they do at